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Communication and Language

Children's learning and competence in communicating, speaking and listening, being read to and beginning to read and write will be supported and extended. They will be provided with opportunity and encouragement to use their skills in a range of situations and for a range of purposes, and be supported in developing the confidence and disposition to do so.

The main areas are:
Listening and Attention– is about how children learn to listen & distinguish one sound from another. Enjoying rhythmic patterns in rhymes & stories, they develop abilities to imitate sounds & draw upon their phonetic knowledge.

Understanding – is about how children develop the ability to distinguish between sounds & become familiar with rhyme, rhythm & alliteration. They develop understanding of the correspondence between spoken & written sounds & learn to link sounds & letters and use their knowledge to read & write simple words by sounding out & blending.

Speaking – is about how children become communicators. Learning to listen & speak emerges of non-verbal communication, which includes facial expression, eye contact & hand gesture. These skills develop as children interact with others, listen to & use language, extend their vocabulary & experience stories, songs, poem, & rhymes.

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